Being a modern mum is not easy 
We HELP to normalise Maternal Mental Health.

What do we do?

Say Anything for Wellbeing APP

Say Anything fo Wellbeing App is your digital space to make understanding of motherhood and find the support of the online community. It allows you to talk to like-minded mums, listen to inspiring podcasts, read helpful blogs, practice mindfulness, access professional support and, most importantly, try out the powerful practice of expressive writing in a secure digital space. And who says Social Media is bad for you?


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H.E.L.P. Programme

Holistic Expert Live Programme (HELP) is a series of weekly live sessions providing expert advice and live Q&As so that you learn how to make the most of motherhood and gain a coherent sense of self whilst embracing being a mum. Sessions are designed around 4 core areas: Mind, Body, Soul and Life. If you feel that you need a little bit of help, Sign up and let us HELP you.

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Our mission

To empower women to be happy, content and fulfilled mums with happy, content and fulfilled children.

Worldwide 26 million of new parents would suffer every year.

20% of new parents experience one of the four most common mental health problems alongside loneliness and isolation. The common mental health problems are postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, PTSD and OCD.

Say Anything helps you to make sense of your feelings, connects you with people who have had or are going through the same experience, offers a holistic array of resources to help you maintain and/or improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.


Do you think that you might be the 1 in 5 parents affected by perinatal mental health?

Our H.E.L.P. Programme offers education, community support and expert advice

How are you finding your parental journey? 

Let me guess.. Some days you are on top of everything, others you just want to break down and cry.

We can HELP so that you can STOP struggling and START enjoying your journey.

  The Experts will answer your burning questions and offer support when you need it.

The Mum-to-Mum Community will give you the reassurance that being a parent doesn't have to be lonely.

The weekly schedule will give you something to look forward to.

The affordable prices will give you access to 4 consultants for the price of 1.

The more confident you become, the less overwhelming you will feel. 

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Who created Say Anything?

Meet the Founder

Patti is a Mum of 3 who is very passionate about helping others and making a difference.

She designed Say Anything in response to her experience of postnatal depression, hours of conversations with other mums who felt lonely and invisible, and a need to fight injustice around discrimination of mothers. 

 One in nine mothers reported that they were either dismissed; made compulsorily redundant, where others in their workplace were not; or treated so poorly they felt they had to leave their job. (EHRC)

One in five mothers said they had experienced harassment or negative comments related to pregnancy or flexible working from their employer and /or colleagues (EHRC)

2/3rds  of female professionals end up working below their potential when they return to work after a career break. (IFS)

Mothers who return to work end up earning a third less than men, as the birth of a child cuts their chances of getting promotions and pay rises. (IFS)

"Dear fellow MAMA, you deserve to be happy! I know exactly how you you might be feeling and I assure you that you no longer need to struggle. Welcome to SAY ANYTHING" Patti x

we were FEATURed in press


we want you to know that you are not the only one

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. /
Approximately 1 in 3 new mums will experience a mental health problem each year /
It appears that how people cope with mental health problems is getting worse as the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing./theguardian/


of mums experience loneliness


of mums feel low in mood or anxious at least once a week

£9.2 bn

is spent annually on antidepressants in the UK alone

You don't have to suffer alone or even at all!

Talk to other mums about how you feel - share your ups and downs

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How Say Anything App can help?

Why HELP Programme is what you need?

Read research behind expressive writing

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