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Say Anything app offers you expressive writing therapy tool, access to targeted blogs and podcast, access to your local therapists, links to the research behind our product, in-house built self-awareness and self-development exercises. Everything is available within two clicks on your mobile device.

"This app was created to save you time, money and effort, yet allow you to feel happier, more connected and listened to. Our goal is to be a leading online platform for supporting emotional and mental wellbeing by offering the largest array of resources. I would love to hear your view on how we can ensure that we reach that goal."

         Patrycja Miskolczi (Patti), The Founder

Life Coach explains how Say Anything App can support the emotional wellbeing of mums

"There are several areas that I had a time in my life when it has been difficult to find people to talk to, I had a very difficult boss for a number of years and I also had a period of depression, anxiety and I also lost my daughter at 19 days old.

I think that this app will be very useful for those difficult times particularly when I was experiencing depression I felt that I couldn’t express myself in my normal way, I didn’t have the energy to write things, and I didn’t want to burden (I am not sure about this verb) my friends, so having an app like this would be very great to be able to just express what’s going on inside of my head which probably doesn’t have sense for me but certainly would make a sense to anyone else."

Jackie Meek, Life Coach 

Men need to talk more about their emotional wellbeing

Nick experienced PTSD after serving in the Army. He talks about how important it is, especially for men to express their feelings and find a support network to avoid suicidal thoughts. He also explains how using Say Anything app could inspire and empower those in need.

Why Say Anything?

This app was created in response to personal experience of mental health problems and clinical research on expressive writing therapy. We have carefully selected a range of coping tools that are proven to help you to self-soothe and take control of your emotional wellbeing.

Expressive writing (the practice of pouring your heart and mind into words without worrying about usual writing conventions) is good medicine. James Pennebaker, a professor of psychology at The University of Texas–Austin who conducted research into expressive writing says, "This can help people sleep better, feel and think better, and have richer social lives, all of which can bolster immune function and improve health."

Say Anything’s secure social network is available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you need to talk about your day and how you feel, others will too. Peer support is a well evidenced way of helping you to feel better when you’re down. Talking to others who are going through something similar can really help. Say Anything will connect you with people who are available when you need them, at any time of day or night. You can search active users on our world map and take advantage of geographical distance and time difference.

Are you struggling with loneliness, anger or sadness? Does life sometimes feel overwhelming? Are difficult thoughts or secrets weighing you down? Do you stop yourself from speaking up for fear of embarrassment, judgement or feeling like a burden?

 Whatever the situation, whatever the emotion, you needn’t feel alone. 

If only 
we were free
to show how we feel

We still are. The fact that we grow up, does not make us numb to our feelings and emotions. Express how you feel, because you can. And you should. Say Anything App allows you to do it in a gentle and secure way.

"Nobody wants to feel like a burden. Parents often struggle to open up about their experience of low mood because they worry that they will be judged for not coping or not being good enough. They are sometimes so tired and stressed that they lose their sense of identity and can't make sense of their feelings. Say Anything gives them everything they might need to maintain or improve their wellbeing within one mobile app"

 Caroline Harrison, Councellor

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