• Expecting a baby?

  • Planning a family?

  • Already have children?

Do you need some support and reassurance?

H.E.L.P. is the right thing for you.

The Holistic Expert Live Programme is an opportunity for you to check-in weekly with specialists in prenatal and postnatal wellbeing to seek information, advice and reassurance.

Why do you need H.E.L.P?

It will boost your knowledge, confidence and hopefully mood too so that the Sunday blues turn into positive Monday vibes.

During the course of 3 months, you will have access to 12 different experts, such as counsellors, life coaches, private trainers, nutritionists, sleep consultants, art therapists, employment rights advisors and many more. All to make your maternal journey as content and as enjoyable as possible.

All sessions are remote, from the comfort of your home, run LIVE from the Private Group on Social Media, every Sunday at 8 pm. No need to dress up, shower, make an effort, all you need is access to the internet and a device. If you worry that you won't be always available, all sessions will be recorded and you can access them again later on our Say Anything for Wellbeing App

So if you are a Mum, Dad or Relative, expecting a new arrival in your family and wishing to be as ready as possible for your new baby, this is a programme for you.

The H.E.L.P. Programme is planned on a quarterly basis and organised around 4 core areas.





What do we have planned for you so far?

  • Naomi aka @Mummanopology

    Super lovely, Super funny and Super Inspirational. Naomi aka @mummanopology will bring a lot of Positivity to your Journey, will explain how to Build your Dreams and Manifest them, and will tell her personal story of how she makes the most of Coparenting and being a Single Parent. 

  • Claire Johnson

    Claire is a health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness specialist who is passionate about healthy living and empowering women to live their best life. She has publications in Oxygen, Clean Eating, Marie Claire and Essex Baby Online. She also presented an online TV channel for Australia and NZ’s largest Personal Training Franchise. 

    Claire will talk about a low impact fitness for all stages of pregnancy and to remove mental blocks which might be holding you back from staying healthy and fit.

  • Taru Merikoski

    Taru is Nutrition Coach, passionate about Plant-Based Diet. She works with Mums and Mumpreneurs to improve health & happiness through balanced nutrition for both the Mum and the family.⁣⁣⠀
    She will talk about eating a nourishing diet, never going hungry or counting calories, having a happy relationship towards food, and how by eating more sustainably, intuitively for your body and the environment, you will feel so much lighter and connected to the world around you. 

  • Jackie Meek

    Jackie Meek is a Life Coach who is very passionate about empowering mums to find their confidence, clarity of life expectations and shift in any blocking mindset.

    Having experienced a difficult birthing story giving birth prematurely and the loss of a baby she can easily relate to the worries and concerns you might have pre-birth.

    She is my Life Coach and I can ensure you that she will help you to find a way how to thrive in anything you wish to focus on your journey.

Spring Cohort 2020


Not long to go!
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How is it different from the regular antenatal classes?

- It offers you access to multiple consultants who can offer their specific advice on challenges you are experiencing, rather than impartial general advice.

- They can answer your burning questions ad hoc, during the session, or after the session in a Blog.

- You get to share your experience with a wider community of new parents and learn from each other.

- You build an international tribe of mums for support, banter and sense of belonging.




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