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"Something that every mum needs, as well as a cup of coffee."

What does the app offer you?

Vent out safely and find contentment

Chat to other mums and learn that you are not alone

Find buddies worldwide

Access trusted advice and specialists hub

Read blogs, listen to podcasts and watch videos

Our aim is to help women to be happy, content and fulfilled mums with happy, content and fulfilled children.

What is so exciting about our app?

This is a platform for you to literally - SAY ANYTHING.

You can finally express all your feelings and thoughts.

Being a parent doesn't have to be lonely.

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some facts and statistics

Why we have created Say Anything App?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. /
Approximately 1 in 3 new mums will experience a mental health problem each year /
It appears that how people cope with mental health problems is getting worse as the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing./theguardian/


of mums experience loneliness


of mums feel low in mood or anxious at least once a week

£9.2 bn

is spent annually on antidepressants in the UK alone

You don't have to suffer alone or even at all!

say anything app might not resolve all of your problems, but it can make them easier to manage.

Worldwide 26 mln of new parents would suffer every year.

20% of new parents experience one of the four most common mental health problems alongside loneliness and isolation. The common mental health problems are postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, PTSD and OCD.

Say Anything app helps you to make sense of your feelings, connects you with people who went or are going through the same experience, offers a holistic array of resources to help you maintain and/or improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.


Let your mind be free

If you ever felt that you want to scream, swear, cry, escape, but you thought it was inappropriate or you simply didn't know where and how?

We want to believe that we have created the right tool for you to do that.  

Our secure system allows you to text or to say anything over the phone. We offer fully secured line where your messages will not be received by anyone. 

For those who think there is nobody they can talk to

For those who fear to say what they really want to

For those who are scared to feel what they really go through

Easy to use

Customer Friendly

Clever Features

More about the app

Be who you truly are.

We believe everyone should be free to say what they want, feel and think, despite what it is.

Positive, negative, right or wrong. Anything.

With our mobile app you can have an immediate access to a tool that will allow you to be exactly who you are and say anything what is on your mind whenever you need it.

It will allow you to make more sense of your feelings and thoughts. It will perhaps help you to connect with yourself, and/or overcome your fears and challenges. It is simply to help you feel better.

We believe it is very therapeutic.

Try it for yourself and download it now..

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Searching for a professional advice?

We can help you to connect with the right source of support. 

You are not alone!

Get in touch for more details.

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